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“Retaining Mr. Andrew Stein was the best legal decision I made in my life. Not only was I shown a great deal of respect and offered exceptional service, but as the matter unfolded, Andrew revealed many of his great qualities. He is brilliant, astute, resourceful, and pragmatic – thus a final outcome/settlement that greatly exceeded my initial expectations. I would highly recommend him.”

Aly K.

“My name is S R and I have known Mr, Stein since 1996, that’s over 13 years ago. I have recommended him to my family, friends and neighbours and even with other associates who I have met that had asked me if I knew a good lawyer with honesty and great results.

Mr. Stein had done a few cases for me over the years. One was a big accident case that I received a 100% satisfied settlement. Mr. Stein also got back for me, 100% of a deposit on a house purchase deal that went bad. Mr. Stein is a true person with great personality and gives the best of advise to his clients. He is a lawyer that is on top of everything. When I call, he always calls back me right away.I am sure all his clients get treated the same. The best advice that I have given to my family and friends is the recommendation of Mr. Stein in any legal action, I have and will continue too, because I have received the greatest of satisfaction with him over the years.”

Swadesh R.

“I have known Andrew Stein for almost 20 years. I find him to be very professional, fair, dependable and as a lawyer, has the best interest of his client in mind. His rates are very reasonable and in my case of being attacked by a dog in 2001, came to a very generous settlement even after my account with him was settled. You feel very comfortable and at ease when you talk to him and he occasionally asks your opinion on the case at hand. His humour also adds to the many positive character traits he possesses and would strongly advise anyone who is considering legal council to consider Andrew Stein. I not only consider him a great lawyer, I consider him a great friend.”

Sean F.

“Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into my case to make it a very successful one. You took my case when I was sick, sad, confused and did not know who or where to turn to. It gives me peace of mind to know you were there to mediate between the insurance lawyers and me. I know that was a good decision to retain you as my solicitor and I am very satisfied with my settlement and the way you dealt with my case. My hope is for you to have a very successful future in your career as you continue to advocate for those people whose voice is not heard.”

Yours truly,
Millicent M.

“Mr. Stein has represented me in my motor vehicle case and I am happy with the outcome. Mr. Stein is well experienced in these cases and he has shown a high standard of professionalism, courtesy, tenacity and client focus. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has been involved in a motor accident or similar cases. You will be happy with the outcome.”

Rajendra R.

“Mr. Andrew Stein is a very dedicated, ethical and caring person. By profession, one of the finest negotiator that I have come to know throughout my ordeal. I would highly recommend his services.”

Rose M.

“I am very grateful to Mr. Stein for his professional services to me over the last four years. He has kept me informed of the progress of my case all along. He was always very prompt in returning all my phone calls of which there were many and answering all my questions no matter how trivial they may have been. He was always very helpful with any problems that arose making numerous phone calls on my behalf. He always treated me with respect and courtesy. I would also like to thank his staff and their efforts. I would highly recommend Mr. Stein to anyone in need of his services and can only be happy that I listened when he was once recommended to me. Thank you very much.”

John M.

“My experience with you as my legal counsel on tort and benefit claim is great. You were nice. I always felt welcoming and respected at your office. You got us great results. You were a good friend and counsel. I thank you with all my heart. I will always recommend you. All the best with your family and business.”

Zebunnisa C.

“Mr. Stein helped me successfully with my long term disability claim. Before my surgery, I was told by doctors that it was a normal surgery and I will be able to go back to work in a one month. Unfortunately, after the surgery, I was never normal. My long term disability appeal was denied and I could not even do any housework, other activities or any job. I had lost hope in life. When I saw Mr. Stein, it was a light of hope. Mr. Stein was positive after looking at my condition and the doctor’s reports that he could win my Long Term Disability appeal. Mr. Stein is very professional, able to gather information in no time and always replies back. Also besides being a professional lawyer, he is very good human being. He did not only remember me but also noticed my worsening condition when I met him a few years later. I would undoubtedly refer Mr. Stein to anyone who requires a lawyer for Long Term Disability claims.”

Jigna B.


“I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on October 25, 2008 that left me unable to work. I opened my local Yellow Pages seeking to find a lawyer capable of handling such a claim and the first advertisement I saw was for Andrew Stein. I did not have to look further. The advertisement transmitted professionalism, and understanding and caring that could be seen in Mr. Stein’s picture. I called Mr. Stein right away, explained my concerns and he was able to assist me right from the beginning. Mr. Stein and his team were amazing. They provided me with the kind of attention that would make one feel as if they were his only client. Having said that, Mr. Stein’s expertise and professionalism was able to procure me a great settlement while his caring manner helped me with the strain of the stressful situation. My claim was settled in a relatively timely manner made easier with Mr. Stein’s assistance. I am very satisfied with my settlement and I am very thankful to Mr. Stein and the staff of the Stein Law Office.”

Yours truly,

Myrna H.C


“I want to thank you with all of my heart for your defense in my case.  Your honesty, expertise, integrity and compassion gave me the strength  to get through a very difficult time.  It is obvious that you are an excellent,  highly skilled and very efficient & lawyer.  I was very impressed with your genuine concern for my well being.   Your hard work and dedication resulted in a settlement that definitely  exceeded my expectations.  Andrew, I can’t thank you enough for everything  you have done for me, as well as your staff who is very courteous and efficient.  You are an extraordinary man, who has earned my deepest respect.  You went out of your way to make sure that I was okay after the settlement & even gave me financial & other advice, which was way beyond your call of duty.  Thank you again and again Andrew Stein.  It was a pleasure meeting you & your staff, and I will highly recommend Andrew Stein Law to represent anyone in need.”

Warmest & Best regards

Barbara T


“I am very pleased with the standard of care and degree of professionalism that Andrew Stein showed me during my case. Andrew goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his clients are well cared for and that their concerns are met. He is a highly reputable lawyer such that my own father had recommended the use of his services. I had also heard from a family friend/lawyer that I was in good hands. The outcome of my case confirms these recommendations. Thank you Andrew for all your help during this terrible ordeal.”

Noah M



“After suffering the devastating loss of our mother, wife, sister, grandmother, and friend, in a serious motor vehicle incident, my family was inundated with advice on what we should do.  After a great deal of discussion, and much research, we landed in your office for a consultation.  You listened to all of us who were there for that initial meeting with patience and understanding, and at the conclusion of that meeting, we all felt without a doubt that you were ‘the one’.  Your empathy and sensitivity combined with your professionalism and patience were like a beacon of strength for me and my family.  Your unwavering patience with my multitude of questions was a blessing.  We never had to wait long for a response to an email or phone message…. You always responded within the hour with an answer.

I realize that this is your ‘job’, however your hard work and dedication to this extremely emotional and difficult process made us all feel like we mattered, and that we had a voice.  It was a pleasure to meet you and have you ‘fight’ for us.  Thank you Andrew, for helping us get through this process with as much ease as was possible in this situation.  You are a great lawyer, and an even greater person, and will forever be considered as part of our family.”

Melissa D

June 12, 2012


“Andrew Stein is a terrific, conscientous, trustworthy lawyer. My young son was injured as a result of the negligence of a summer camp. His summer was ruined as he could not be very active. Andrew took our case and got my son the financial compensation he deserved. Stein Law Office resolved our lawsuit quickly and with little effort on our part. I was very impressed and strongly recommend anyone with a personal injury lawsuit, to hire Andrew Stein to fight for what they are rightly owed.”


Mark C.


I would like to thank you Mr. Andrew Stein, for helping me through out my whole ordeal with my Car Accident and Disability Long Term Claim.
You are a caring and trustworthy person.You made sure that I kept a level head even when things were not going my way.
Your professionalism is unquestioned, evidenced by the always prompt replies to my many calls and emails.
I would highly recommend Mr. Stein to anyone. He is the finest negotiator and I am satisfied with my settlement.
Once again I thank you Mr. Andrew Stein and your staff for the great service.

Thank you


After one of the most devastating moments of our lives we were told to retain a lawyer because my husband’s accident has left him with a traumatic Brain Injury and we would need to file a suit against the company that could have prevented it. It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, to find someone that would understand and fight for what we lost. Hiring Andrew Stein was the best decision we ever made, he is one of the most competent, sincere and truly brilliant men I ever had the honor of knowing. He truly went above and beyond not just for my husband but for our family as a whole. His compassion and patience with my husband has touched my heart over and over again, just when I thought he could not be more of a blessing he would reveal another part of his character. My husband would truly not of been able to get through this tragedy if it wasn’t for Andrew and all that he has done for him both personally and professionally. He has become more than our lawyer, he is also a friend. He has not only had the skill and expertise to deal with my husband’s residual effects of having a brain injury but he also resolved our lawsuit greatly exceeding anything we had ever hoped for. It is because of Andrew and his endless hours on our case that we are now settled and able to focus on my husband’s recovery and not worry about financial worries. He was and still is a true blessing to our family and our friendship will extend far beyond this lawsuit. He is the smartest decision I ever made and I would recommend him to anyone that wants an exceptional lawyer that will fight for you like family and produce the results you deserve.

Sincerely, DS

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